WED 2/25 @ 7PM & 10:00PM

Ione Skye plays Diane Court, high-school valedictorian on the verge of heading to England on a prestigious scholarship. This is especially thrilling to Diane's divorced father, James (John Mahoney), who has always shared a special relationship with the girl, less father/daughter than friend/friend. When Diane begins dating irresponsible army brat Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack), her father despairs at her choice of an "underachiever." Pressured by her dad to break off the relationship, Diane spends the rest of the summer being pursued by the lovestruck Lloyd, who does everything he can to win her back. Diane finally realizes there's more to life than perfection when her sainted father comes under the scrutiny of the IRS.

Tickets are on sale now at the Ward 16 box office and online for only $10.


The Hana Hou Picture Show is Consolidated Theatres’ retro film series at Ward Theatres that is programmed by fans and customers. In Hawaiian, “Hana Hou” means “to do again” and is what we use in place of “Encore”. But there’s another element to it: Passion. At the end of an amazing concert or performance in Hawaii you’ll hear the crowd chanting “Hana Hou!” demanding, begging, and hoping for one last performance.

Our mission at The Hana Hou Picture Show is to give you a monthly dose of nostalgia in the best cinematic setting in Honolulu: Titan XC at Ward Theatres. Titan XC is Honolulu’s biggest commercial movie screen located at Ward Stadium 16. Weighing in at 66ft wide and 35ft tall with 75,000 watt digital sound system and 32 surround sound speakers, Titan XC provides the opportunity to experience your favorite films in a way you never have before.

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