LA BOHEME - Royal Opera House Live

175 min | NR
Teeming with period detail, John Copley’s definitive production of the beloved LA BOHEME is classic opera at its best. Drawn from Puccini’s own student escapades, this minutely observed panorama of 1830s Parisian life conjures emotions and atmosphere ranging from joy to tragedy to robust humor, in large–scale crowd scenes and intimate tableaux. In his depiction of the tender and ultimately tragic love between Mimě (Maija Kovalevska, 2010’s Carmen in 3D) and Rodolfo (Rolando Villazon, who played Rodolfo in the film version of the opera), Puccini achieved an immediacy, warmth and humanity that have rarely been equaled.

Directed By
John Copley

Written By
Giacomo Puccini

Cast Includes
Rolando Villazon, Stefania Dovhan, Maija Kovalevska

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