FRIEND 2: THE LEGACY - SpotlightAsia!

134 min | NR
The long–awaited sequel to Korea’s 2001 cultural phenomenon that changed the meaning of the word ‘friend’ and became an instant gangster–film classic. FRIEND 2: THE LEGACY opens with Joon–seok preparing to complete a 17-year prison sentence. To regain power on the outside he rounds up his old lieutenants his young protégé Seong-hoon. Merging gangster wisdom with fresh blood, the two are on track to take over leadership of Busan’s most powerful crime organization — if their bond can survive the knowledge that Joon–seok had a role in the death of Seong–hoon’s father.

Directed By
Kwak Kyung-taek

Korean with English subtitles
Cast Includes
Yoo Oh-sung, Kim Woo-bin

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