DRUG WAR - SpotlightAsia!

115 min | NR
Long considered the master of the Hong Kong crime thriller, Johnnie To’s first mainland production eschews gun-slinging mayhem in favor of a tightly wound plot and bursts of startlingly realistic violence, in this intricate puzzle box of a film that ignited a firestorm of controversy in its homeland upon its release. Timmy Choi is a prolific meth manufacturer, and after a violent lab accident, he's in the custody of Captain Zhang (Sun Honglei). As things spin wildly out of control, the line between duty and recklessness is blurred, and it becomes unclear whether Zhang or Choi actually has the upper hand.

Directed By
Johnnie To

Written By
Ryker Chan, Wai Ka-Fai, Yau Nai-Hoi, Yu Xi

Mandarin with English subtitles
Cast Includes
Louis Koo, Sun Honglei, Huang Yi, Li Jing

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