119 min | NR
Lush cinematography and an evocative, haunting mood infuse this unconventional take on the Holocaust legacy with unforgettable impact. Following her award–winning debut SOMERSAULT, director Cate Shortland explores the end of WWII from the point of view of five German children left to fend for themselves after their parents are interred by the victorious Allies. Led by 14 year old Lore (played by striking newcomer Saskia Rosendahl), they set out on a harrowing journey across a devastated country. After meeting a charismatic young refugee, Lore finds her world shattered as she must learn those whom she has always been taught to hate.

Directed By
Cate Shortland

Written By
Cate Shortland, Robin Mukherjee, Rachel Seiffert (novel)

German with English subtitles
Cast Includes
Saskie Rosendahl, Nele Trebs, Andre Frid

Official Site

Hamptons International Film Festival Best Feature winner, Locarno Film Festival Audience Award winner

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