TABLOID TRUTH - SpotlightAsia!

131 min | NR
A scandalous rumor about an up–and–coming actress is included as a gossip item in a stock market tipsheet and propagated by the tabloids, causing her to take her own life. Woo Gon (Kim Kang–woo), the actress’s longtime manager who dedicated everything to building her career, initiates avengeful investigation to expose the sources of the malicious rumor. With unexpected assistance from a tabloid distributor Mr. Park (Jeong Jin–yeong) and a legendary wiretapper Baek Moon (Ko Chang–seok), Woo unravels the opaque and lucrative world of secret tips and salacious rumors. 

Directed By
Kim Kwang-sik

Korean with English subtitles
Cast Includes
Kim Kang-woo, Jeong Jin-yeong, Ko Chang-seok, Park Seong-woong

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