89 min | NR
The first–ever second screen film, APP is a Dutch thriller incorporating a synchronized second screen application for an exciting and unique experience. A young psychology student is drawn into the dark world of a mysterious app that starts to terrorize her, distributing compromising photographs, videos, and text messages and digging even further into her personal life to expose all of her deepest secrets.

APP is the first film using second-screen technology.  To enjoy the enhanced viewing experience, text IRIS to 97000 or search for “Iris – app the film” in the iTunes and Google Play Stores to download the free app before you enter the theater.  IRIS allows access to secret conversations, alternate perspectives, and off–screen action while you watch!

Directed By
Bobby Boermans

Written By
Robert Arthur Jansen

Dutch with English subtitles
Cast Includes
Hannah Hoekstra, Isis Cabolet, Robert de Hoog, Alex Hendrickx, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen

Official Site

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