THE DIVINE MOVE - SpotlightAsia!

128 min | NR
Professional Go player Tae–seok loses his brother by the conspiracy of infamous underground gambler Sal–soo after losing a high stakes game. He is framed for the murder of his own brother and is sentenced seven years in prison. After serving his time, he gathers his brother’s former associates to develop a plan to get back to Sal-soo and his men. He takes Sal–soo’s men one by one, but soon Sal–soo discovers Tae–seok’s real identity and challenges him to take one last game that will decide the fates of the two. 

Directed By
Jo Beom-gu

Korean with English subtitles
Cast Includes
Jeong Wo--sung, Lee Beom-su, Ahn Sung-ki

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Pearlridge West - THE DIVINE MOVE - SpotlightAsia!
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