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163 min | NR
Directed by legendary Korean filmmaker Kand Woo–suk (Public Enemy trilogy) with fight sequences choreographed by Jung Doo–hong (GI Joe Retaliation, The Berlin File), FISTS OF LEGEND delivers a one–two punch of unparalleled action and dramatic story. On a television show billed as “the greatest fight show on Earth,” eager amateurs with lots to prove boldly step into the ring and expect to leave bloody but victorious. The ratings hungry producers seek out legendary but largely forgotten streetfighters and mine their desperation for recaptured glory and redemption into ratings gold.

Directed By
Kang Woo-suk

Cast Includes
Hwang Jun-min, Yu Ju-sang, Yoon Je-moon

Pearlridge West - FISTS OF LEGEND - SpotlightAsia!
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