JEWELS - Bolshoi Ballet

160 min | NR
Choreographed in New York in 1967 and inspired by the jewelers on Fifth Avenue, this ballet is a tribute to the women and the cities of Paris, New York, and St. Petersburg — and three dance schools that forged the elegance, aesthetics, and style of choreographer George Balanchine. ‘Emeralds’ was conceived as a poetic tribute to the French romantic school; ‘Ruby’ as the heir to an American tradition borrowed from the music halls of Broadway; and ‘Diamonds’ is inspired by the virtuosity of the Russian dance.

Directed By
Bolshoi Ballet

Cast Includes
Ivan Alexeyev, Vladislav Lantratov, Anastasia Stashkevich, Anna Tikhomirova

Official Site

         Kahala Theatre - Release Date 02/25/2014

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